It is normally considered that pre-Roman Britain was pretty much devoid of infrastructures, virtually uninhabited perhaps, but this simply wasn’t the case for it is a fact that Britain had cities as Julius Caesar mentions them specifically, although he was somewhat disparaging about them saying they were not like Roman cities.

Nevertheless they existed and here is a list of just some of them, with their original 'Welsh' names and the modern 'Anglo-Saxon' names.

Caer Caint.             Canterbury.
Caer Wyn.               Winchester.
Caer Municip.         St. Albans.
Caer Sallwg.           Old Sarum.
Caer Leil.                Carlisle.
Caer Odor.              Bristol.
Caer Llear.              Leicester.
Caer Urnach.          Wroxeter.
Caer Lleyn.              Lincoln.
Caer Glou.              Gloucester.
Caer Meini.             Manchester.
Caer Coel.              Colchester.
Caer Gorangon.     Worcester.
Caerleon ar Dwy.   Chester.
Caer Peris.             Portchester.
Caer Don.               Doncaster.
Caer Guorie.          Warwick.
Caer Cei.                Chichester.
Caer Ceri.               Cirencester.
Caer Dur.                Dorchester.
Caer Merddyn.       Carmarthen.
Caer Seiont.          Carnarvon.
Caer Wyse.            Exeter.
Caer Segont.         Silchester.
Caer Baddon.        Bath.

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The Existence of Pre-Roman Cities in Britain