Remarkably few people are aware of how important Britain was in the rise of Christianity. Most people think that Britain did not become Christian until sometime during the Anglo-Saxon period. In fact, Britain was actually the first entire country ever to become Christian, and it had the first proper church building that was not built literally underground, i.e. in catacombs, no doubt due to the very long tradition of personal freedom in Britain.

It is claimed that the ancient British royal family converted to Christianity within 20 years or so of Jesus’ death, (before the destruction of the druids no less).

In addition, folk lore has it that Jesus himself visited Britain as a child in Cornwall and as a young man lived for a while at Glastonbury, unlikely perhaps, but certainly not impossible.

It is said that Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus’ great uncle, mentor, and benefactor. He was also very rich as he was involved in the tin trade with Cornwall. Indeed, that he was not just involved in the trade but actually controlled it and had a large fleet of ships at his disposal so if Jesus had wanted to travel he would easily have been able to.

It was Joseph of Arimathea who supposedly built the first church in Britain a humble affair built in wattle and daub and thatch but nevertheless the first proper church anywhere.

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The Origins of Christianity in Britain